Paleo Grilled Sardines and Lemon

Straight out the tin, add garlic and lemon, salt and pepper and grill for 6 – 8 minutes.

In the end, I added the grilled sardines to some pre-cooked mashed up sweet potato and served this with a simple side salad of lettuce, cucumber, peppers, spring onions and tiny cherry tomatoes. We mixed up a little balsamic vinaigrette which lifted the salad somewhat.

Its been a funny day. I sat down with the finance paper work for university for Pops and found the sums eye-wateringly high. We will have to figure it out some how but the topic is verboeten for now. Pops is to concentrate on her A levels and the rest will follow through in time. She’s a bright kid.

Food wise the day was straightforward enough. We began with some baked ham cups for breakfast filled with scrambled eggs. Next time we make these I am going to add some avocado slices to up the early morning good fat in take. By the time I hit work I was a little hungry (we ate to be fair at 6.15 am), so I had an apple and handful of nuts and did not think again about food til approx 2pm when I ate the leftover fish, asparagus and parsnip heated up from yesterday in the microwave.

Its silent in the house right now but there’s lots going on below the surface. We have leftovers again set for lunch tomorrow and will breakfast on bacon and eggs when we wake. I have taken prawns out of the freezer and will bake them tomorrow with orange sauce for dipping. Paleo is happening right now in our house and its all good.

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