Reading Matters: Mumbai, New York, Scranton: A Memoir!


Mumbai, New York,  Scranton by Tamara Shopsin

Quirky and beautifully written, this book is essential reading.

It starts as a real time memoir or reportage of a vacation in and around India – the pictures and text written and photographed with an immediacy that is very engaging and draws us into the story.  The book is however much more than a travelogue as it weaves its effortless narrative through an unexpected journey of survival and return from the edge –  travelling out to Mumbai and home again through New York and Scranton.  You would be hard pressed to read a better book this year and it’s a double winner for me as the writing bursts in short manageable paragraphed bite sized nuggets being instantly digestible, mesmorising and unforgettable.

Shopsin writes in pictures, photographs and text and loves the kind of quirky off beat stuff that sends librarians (like me) wild !  Go on give it a go – you won’t be disappointed – then send some love and feedback to me in the comments section below!

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