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This blog is mostly books and food – seriously what’s not to love?  And the occasional deeper piece, writing on being adopted, on connecting, on love and loss and belonging on “Birth, Marriage and Death and the whole damn thing” as Elisabeth Luard once wrote in her fantastic autobiography on family life.  It’s my life  in colour and I write to celebrate it all.  My passion is dancing and creating from stillness and my life long ambition is to find my way home.  I write from the perspective of an adoptee with a failed reunion under my belt and the experience of having to start over from nothing when the truth of my beginning became too hard to pursue.  It can be done and is being done and I’m one of a thousand who are doing it every day – digging deep and finding their authentic Self.  Welcome.

And the picture of Pauline Boty – what can I say, I am a writer in that I write and where I write that’s where I find my voice, that’s where I am. I create.  Pauline was a fantastic artist with a huge passion for life in colour and black and white and has become a motivating influence for me to live a life of authentic passion and creativity.


Books and life, books and living, books and me

We have so much to learn!

Influence comes from a whole back catalogue of my favourite writers and story tellers including:

Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Natalie Goldberg, Geneen Roth, Anne Heffron, Elizabeth Luard, Anne Sexton, Sally Brampton, Mary Oliver, Eric Newby, John Steinbeck, Jilly Cooper, Joyce Johnson, Joseph Campbell, Ann Patchett, Anthony de Mello, Lydia Davis, Carolyn Cassady, Anne Tyler, Cheryl Strayed, Anne Lamott, Ask Polly, Benjamin Fry, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Luke Leighfield, Austin Kleon, Maria Popova, Marilyn French, Marge Piercy, Maria Montessori, Galway Kinnell, Kabir, Pablo Neruda, Clive James, David Niven


Kathryn Flett (wow, who doesn’t love “The Heart Shaped Bullet” ? tell me), Tassajara Cooking, Judy Blume and my own personal favourite, Ferdinand the Bull –

Speeches of note, words, memoirs and biography, colour, birds soaring against the city sky line and life in all its glory, reading has always coloured and enriched my life and for that I am truly grateful .

Here are two of my all time favourite film clips:


and then: –


Oh and I’m a dancer – a 5rhythms dancer, dancing to free the wolves in my soul.


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