About This Blog

Writer, Mother, Adoptee

My goal with this blog is give great book recommendations for memoirs, autobiography and life experience to save you time in finding your next good read. Along the way, there are real food focused recipes to bake and a few personal notes and stories to share of my life as a writer, mother and adoptee.

The blog is written entirely by me, a fifty something mum to four and one step son and is intended to reach all those in need of a little inspiration, a dose of good reading and some deep nourishment for mind, body and soul.

In this blog you will find:

Book Reviews: see  Reading Matters: You, A Bike and the Open Road by Eleanor Davis  ,  Reading Matters : May – Bloom and Ariel Levy ,  Reading Matters:  April – Amy Krause Rosenthal

Real Food Recipes : see

Orange and Pistachio Cupcakes,  Mexican Lamb Spiced Up Scotch Eggs,  Caribbean Fish Supper

And Notes  Meeting Jenny,  Mapping the Way Home

Back in the day, I studied English Literature and trained as a librarian;  I held placards at Greenham Common and supported the miners but my greatest achievements to date are raising my four children as a sometime single mum and finding a happy, second marriage at 45.

My deepest wish is to add value to your world and I hope you enjoy my content.

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